Our technology – Only the best is good enough!

With our virtual tours, we allow you

to reproduce your unique atmosphere

authentically. With our camera-drone we can

also make virtual tours in almost any altitudepossible.

Octocopter take-off weight up to 10kg


For our challenging aerial photographs, we rely on the professional technique developed by DJI based on our own experiences. A foldable octocopter DJI S 1000 is used, which has been specially developed for professional photo and video recordings with the highest standards. It has stable flight characteristics and can be controlled safely with a flight time of up to 15 minutes.


We use the Sony 7R with a Zeiss lens FE 2.8 / 35 on this copter. On a second octocopter, we set the EOS 5D Mark III a.


After the start, the foldable landing gears provide the best panoramic shots without disturbing visual limitations. With a take-off weight less than 10kg, the requirements of the respective aviation authorities of the federal states are fulfilled for the permission to take off.


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